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химия и нефтехимия

The chemical industry in France and in Western Europe has been confronted with a world competition for several years.

In France the new investments are mainly oriented in the following areas :

  • High added-value products.
  • Revamping and medium-sized projects.
  • Productivity improvement by intensifying the process, energy savings, environmental protection.


ERAS provides adapted solutions in line with the expectancy of the chemical industry due to:

  • A strong process engineering capacity.
  • A geographical network which is adapted for fast interventions, and  for revamping of existing sites.
  • Technology developments: considering the chemistry of tomorrow, P-Box.


Our teams have a solid know-how in various chemical industry sectors and conduct diverse conceptual projects and perform them for our customers.

Our engineers and technicians use their expertises on the overall continuous and batch production lines for the chemical industry.


Upstream and general sectors:

  • Routing, unloading, raw material storage.
  • Preparation, pre-treatment, packaging, transfer to the production units.
  • Production and distribution of the industrial utilities.
  • Liquid and gas effluent treatment.


Unit Operations of production lines and finishing:

  • Milling, screening, sieving, dosage, mixing, solid dispersal.
  • Reaction process: catalytic reaction, fixed beds / fluidized bed.
  • Separation: distillation, extraction, absorption, sublimation, condensation, distribution, sedimentation, settling, liquid-liquid extraction, filtration...
  • Change of phase: purification, chromatography, evaporation, condensation, fusion, crystallization, sublimation.
  • Drying, atomization, crystallization, spinning, coating, sinter, solid cyclone separation.


Downstream units of production lines:

  • Regeneration unit and by-products valuing.
  • Formulation and granulation of intermediate products.
  • Conditioning unit for the finished product.
  • Installations for storage, loading and logistics of finished products.

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