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For several years, ERAS is a known partner within the nuclear market, particularly with major French groups.

ERAS is present throughout the entire chain of the nuclear industry and participates at different levels:

  • Upstream from the fuel cycle: the uranium enrichment to fuel assembly.
  • In the design and implementation of EPR.
  • Life extension and maintenance of nuclear power plants in activity.
  • Remodelling of nuclear facilities.
  • Studies for dismantling.


We work from feasibility studies, BED, FEED, detailed studies, up to the implementation phase of nuclear facilities.

Areas of expertise involved are: civil engineering, installation, piping, equipment handling, processes, HVAC, electricity, instrumentation and command control.


The most important actors in the nuclear sector have confirmed their confidence in our team by signing with ERAS multi-year framework contracts:

  • with EDF CIPN (Centre d’Ingénierie du Parc Nucléaire: engineering centre of the nuclear park which is in activity).
  • with the AREVA group, with the framework contract APTE 3.
  • with all CEA sites in France.


ERAS has significant assets in the nuclear market:

  • Our experience in project management design and construction of large industrial facilities. Our teams operate then in "project mode ".
  • Our geographical network, allows us to be close to our customers.
  • Our culture of controlled lump sum contracts and performed in our offices.
  • Our engineering position allows us to offer several alternative solutions and to assist the customer with their technical choices.
  • Our expertise in the design of chemical plants which is transferable and adaptable to the uranium enrichment cycle.
  • Our technical skills can fulfil the different projects phases: feasibility studies, BED, FEED, detailed studies and execution phase studies follow- up.
  • Our expertise and wide range of software (design software and 2D & 3D drawing software, process simulation software, hydraulic and mechanical calculation software...)
  • Our ability to adapt human resources to meet our clients and projects needs, in terms of volume or mobility.

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