Quality and Safety


Our quality policy is based on operational excellence so as to provide our customers with best-in-class service.

Beyond the implementation of a reference framework for documents and processes, quality is critical in all stages of a project.

1)    Project Management

We assist Project Managers in choosing quality management practices that they follow throughout the project.

2)    Control of deliverables

Processes associated with studies (documentary cycle management, design validation, business coordination) are systematically formalized via a quality assurance plan.

3)    Reliability of products and suppliers

We offer assistance in operational purchasing, which are key factors of competitiveness:

  • Supplier qualification.
  • Control of the product and / or service.
  • Assessment of suppliers.

4)    Permanent measure of the quality level of our services.

To make sure internal or client requirements are met, quality control is performed independently of project teams, at adequate intervals, in order to strengthen the reliability of our work.

5)    Knowledge capitalisation and sharing

To increase the added value of our services, we encourage the principle of continuous improvement:

  • Use of feedback on all projects
  • Integration of best practices in our processes
  • Knowledge sharing across all teams
  • Creation of community spaces to facilitate business exchanges (process, piping, electrical, etc).



Our commitment is to preserve the health and safety of our coworkers and partners.

For several years, ERAS has been committed to a voluntary no accident policy. Based on the MASE framework and used to operating in the nuclear industry, we systematically roll out our health and safety management system in all our agencies and construction sites.

To limit risk exposure, we ensure that all our staff and the people working on the construction sites that we manage receive the appropriate safety equipment and training for their working environment.

Because safety is not negotiable, we require that our partners follow the same processes by taking ownership of and conveying our policy.