Our process engineers are fully integrated within our project teams and work closely with other disciplines.

Conceptual engineering involves many disciplines, including process engineers. They are involved in all stages of a project (from design to commissioning) whether it be:

  • The construction of a new unit.
  • A project to increase a capacity.
  • The modernization of an existing facility.

Our process engineers are fully integrated within project teams and work closely with other disciplines.

Their expertise enables them to:

  • Design facilities with an overall view: balance sheets, equipment sizing, diagrams (blocks, PFD, P&ID).
  • Provide the best technological solution to meet the needs of the project.
  • Consider safety at all stages of the study: deviation reviews from diagrams, like HAZOP, definition of safety instances.
  • Intervene during the commissioning & start-up of facilities.

Our process engineers ensure we bring the most appropriate solution for our clients’ requirements. To achieve this, commercial or in-house modeling tools are made available to them:

  • Modeling in a steady state.
  • Modeling of batch systems.
  • Modeling of tubular exchangers.
  • Various in-house calculation models.
  • Valves.
  • Restriction opening.

We offer our clients a range of services that are relevant to the engineering study stage:

  • Design of block diagrams, PFD (Process Flow Diagram) and P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram).
  • Balance sheets of materials and utilities, heat and waste assessments. Modeling of all or part of the process, if necessary.
  • Definition and equipment sizing: preparation of equipment specification sheets, tendering process.
  • Draw the lists needed for design: fluids, lines, equipments.
  • Conduct or lead various reviews: design (e.g. Yellow Reviews), deviations (e.g. HAZOP).
  • Commissioning of the installation and staff training.

Our process engineers come from diverse backgrounds (chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas ...). This gives ERAS flexibility to operate in different sectors, while still pursuing operational excellence by achieving objectives in compliance with client and project requirements.

ERAS can also offer specialists to assist its customers in their administrative procedures.

We also have a range of process tools available: Aspen, Thermoflex, Hysys ...