Plant Layout and Piping

With a broad experience in the  of industrial plants, ERAS offers its know-how and competences in piping and plant layout.

The expertise of our teams enables them to:

  • Conceive new installations « From Grass Roots »:
  1. Plant layout conception
  2. Optimisation of piping layout
  • Integrate new equipment within an existing plant (revamping):
  1. Site survey using 3D laser technology
  2. Convert the existing plant into a 3D model (PDMS…)
  • Create layout studies of piping and equipment within the existing plant, using CAO 3D (PDMS…) and produce automatically drawing, isometrics, and bill of material.
  • Specify valves, pipe and pipe fittings, start and follow up procurement, (including consultation, offer selection, fabrication, in-plant inspections, delivery follow-up and receipts).
  • Specify piping fabrication and installation procedures, insulation, painting, compare offers from sub-contractor, supervision and reception at mechanical completion.
  • Produce stress calculation of critical piping, according to process requirements (temps, weight…) equipment settlement, as well as climatic and seismic conditions, using dedicated calculation logistics such as (Caesar, Pipestress…) whilst adhering to the applicable codes.


We use CAO 3D for our projects to ensure the quality of services provided. We are committed to results delivered thanks to this technology combined with a precise understanding of our customer needs.