Energy optimization

Our teams have developed a unique methodology for performing energy audits of industrial processes.

On this basis, our teams suggest to our clients ways of optimizing their energy consumption and ways of improving performance.

The performance of process industries can be significantly impaired by high energy costs.

Our main conclusion is that energy optimization measures should be implemented when facilities are upgraded, regardless of whether modifications are for maintenance purposes, to increase capacity or to comply with new legal requirements.


The analysis is conducted in three stages :

  • Identification: Starting with an energy site mapping, we identify the most suitable project to generate a quick return.
  • Investment assessment: We make a quick and economical estimate of realistic investment costs, taking into account not only the cost of reused equipments but also the cost of their integration into the facilities (civil engineering, piping, instrumentation, automation).
  • Energy savings assessment: An accurate assessment of energy costs with partial load conditions, variable climatic conditions and variable fee grid.


We have powerful tools that we make available to our clients :

  • Simulators: Aspen, Simulis for the process
  • Energy-specific simulators: Thermoflow
  • Building-specific simulators: Carrier HAP.


An experienced process team follows the project from start to finish, to understand our customers' processes, identify viable projects and estimate energy costs before and after.

We also provide specialists to our clients for administrative support.