Electrical facilities

For over 20 years, ERAS offers to its clients its expertise in high voltage, low voltage and special systems.

Our expertise:

Our team realizes the design of the power distribution depending on contextual constraints, processes and environmental requirements (energy savings).

Our offer:

  • Design of the electrical distribution (HV / LV) with local regulatory requirements and data provided by the client
  • Power balance
  • Technical specification (HV cells, transformer HV/HV et HV/LV, MCC, diesel generator, UPS, …)
  • Installation drawings
  • Work specification
  • Monitoring and validation of the supplier's detailed studies
  • Site supervision
  • FAT/SAT electrical equipment
  • Cable cross section calculation note (Caneco HT & BT)
  • Electrical heat tracing design
  • Normal and safety lighting design
  • Electrical dimensioning of service industries (operating data)
  • Access Control
  • Voice, data and image (VDI) network
  • Fire detection
  • CTM (centralized technical management)
  • Design of the cable routing

Our tools:

We have powerful tools, that our engineers use to meet the needs of our customers: ADK Electrical, Caneco BT, Caneco HT, SchemELECT, See Electrical, TR Ciel.