Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers work during projects in close collaboration with other specialties, for the building of a new unit, to increase capacity or to modernize an existing facility.

Engineering design involves many trades, related to the construction and its environment: building, steel/reinforced concrete structures, cover/seal/cladding, closures, ironworks, roads and utilities, finishing works, …

Our Civil Engineering teams can:

  • Whole design of facilities: equipment location, position of bracing, vertical stabilities, design of structures and foundations,…
  • Provide the best constructive answer to the projects requirements: structural solutions, technical and energy choices, height and gap of beams, span dimensions, vertical clearance, flooring, choice of cladding and roofing,…
  • Consider the safety, at all stages of study: non-slip surface, fire resistance, emergency issues, location of access (stairs and ladders) and emergency exits,…
  • Act during phases of works handing-over.

Our services:

  • Collection and assessment of data: equipment and service loads, climate and seismic, environmental classified installations,…
  • Design of buildings, guide drawings and detailed drawings
  • Preliminary drawings: site plan, block plan, perspective, plan view, typical sections of roads, car parks, railways
  • General drawings of underground networks, graveled/paved areas, fences,…
  • Drawings and pre-design of buildings and structures, underground networks.
  • Any utilities networks drawings
  • Description of structures and their environment, definition of technical lots, time schedule.
  • Preliminary studies to quote the project by the estimation of the quantities
  • Tender documents: general technical specifications for each trade, particular technical specifications, bill of quantities, requisitions.
  • Invitation of contractors for tender and assistance to the Client for the choice of companies.
  • Technical specifications for order.
  • Contractor’s drawings and documents checking
  • Work supervision for the concerned lots or specific interventions on site during erection
  • Collection and compilation of drawings and documents “as built”
  • Following of tests and help for handing-over of structures until the work completion

We use advanced tools: 3D modeling of structures, internal calculations for simple structures,…