Our engineering teams offer you their know-how and competences in stress analyses and pressure vessels calculation.

Flexibility in your piping networks

Our expertise:

  • Think ahead: advice on implementing, awareness and training
  • Manage: flexibility study and support recommendations
  • Secure: regulatory compliance audit, diagnosis and correction of malfunctions.

Our tools:

All studies are carried out with recognized and effective tools (CaesarII, Pipestress), taking into account calculation codes in effect (RCC-M, CODETI, ASME B31.3, EN13480), and can concern both overhead and buried piping networks (either partially or totally).

The key factors under review are:

  • Weight
  • Pressure
  • Temperature, creep
  • Effect of wind
  • Effect of earthquake
  • Structure displacements
  • Opening effrots of valves
  • Unstable flows, vibrations…

We also realize your support calculations using RCC-M, CODETI, NF codes.

Our added value:

The needs of our clients are carefully examined and personalized studies are conducted. This results in drafting adapted calculation notes, which may contain:

  • Isometric views of support
  • Value of stresses related to all calculations
  • Efforts on equipment pipes
  • Reactions to the supports
  • Hot and cold displacement values
  • Specifications for spring hangers, compensators


Pressure equipment

A good mastery of pressure equipment consists in anticipating risks (crash, corrosion, earthquake …) in order to avoid damages associated with a failure, and their consequences: human, material and environmental.

Our expertise:

ERAS analyses the resistance of your pressure vessels through different criteria:

  • Size: analytical calculations, stress analyses, applications of the calculation codes
  • Secure: risk analysis, selection of materials
  • Respect of regulation: regulatory compliance audit, compliance with DESP 97/23/CE Directive requirements.

Our tools:

ERAS carries out all studies with suitable tools (Sicapnet, dedicated methods and tools), taking into account design rules and calculation codes in effect (CODAP, CODRES, ASME VIII, EN13445).

Our added value:

ERAS expertise in process engineering is completed by exchanger calculations using RCC-M, CODAP, EN13480, ASME codes, and valve calculations using RCC-M, EN12516 codes.

ERAS also carries out, on request, finite element calculations of your pressure equipment.

Sizing of the equipment leads to a custom-made calculation note, presenting results and data:

  • 3D model of the equipment
  • Required thickness of components
  • Stress analysis
  • Openings and nozzles verification (WRC107/207)
  • Support validation
  • Flange tightness