Signature of a strategic partnership between ERAS and INNOVEOX

ERAS officialized on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, a strategic partnership with INNOVEOX, a startup that offers an innovative solution for the toxic industrial waste treatment.

INNOVEOX is an innovative startup company created in 2008. It has developed  collaboratively with the CNRS (France's national scientific research center) a worldwide patented technology : Supercritical Water Oxidation. That process can destroy over 99.99% of toxic waste and produce at the same time energy. Moreover, the recovery of water can be released directly into the environment and/or reused in the industrial process and strategic metals can be recovered.

INNOVEOX transportable treatment units (container-sized units) can be installed directly on-site, eliminating costs and risks associated with transporting hazardous waste. That technology emits neither toxic gases nor odor.

Its first industrial unit, with a production capacity up to 1,000 tons/year, is functional in the site of Arthez-de-Bearn, in the South-West of France.

ERAS is pleased to have the opportunity to present this revolutionary technology to its clients. They will find an efficient and sustainable solution for treating notably concentrated pollutants but also micro-pollutants.

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