pharmaceutical & Cosmetic

ERAS has developed a centre of excellence in life sciences consisting of technical experts and led by project managers dedicated to this business line.

In the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries, ERAS is active in the following sectors:

  • Synthesis by chemical process.
  • Synthesis by biological or biotechnological process.
  • All forms of filling/packaging.

ERAS is also active in the cosmetic industry where several best practices developed in the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries also apply.


We operate in a broad field covering:

  • Buildings (infrastructure and superstructure) and the tertiary areas which house them.
  • Soil preparation work and the peripheral protection of sites.
  • Logistical aspects (flow, storage, fire safety, temperature and hygrometry regulation).
  • Black and clean utilities for both production and distribution, with a specific focus on energy savings.
  • Electrical distribution (high / low voltage).
  • Quality control areas (sampling, QC labs, archiving and samples storeroom, air controlled environment, etc.).
  • R & D laboratories.
  • HVAC and white rooms (ATEX environment).
  • Qualified production processes (weighting, formulation, primary conditioning, secondary conditioning).
  • Stand-alone process equipments (autoclaves, washing machines, filling machines, labeling machines, packing machines, film-wrapping machines, markings...).
  • PLC associated with qualified systems, as the case may be.


We can implement these solutions in both revamping and green field projects.

We perform highly on small and medium-sized projects (Total Investment Cost up to 100M€). ERAS defines itself as an engineering company which closely follows the industrial developments of its clients, always prepared to assist them in their high stakes projects, in France and abroad.


ERAS offers key assets in the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries:

  • Our national presence through our network of agencies.
  • Our inherently pragmatic and perfectly tested skills.
  • The versatile nature of the technical answers that we provide to our clients
  • Our national network of experts who can be called upon at any time according to the project's needs.

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